Why Buy?


Buying.com is the first decentralized
, e-commerce Network with
cybermediation platform features,
allowing businesses and individuals
access to products at wholesale


Now anyone can become a node on
the Buying.com network by staking
tokens and leveraging existing
storage in their garage to become a
micro distribution center.


We combine the best of blockchains
to offer customers a digital ledger that
offers fraud-proof solution and
auto-verifies transactions for a
tamper-proof, secure, immutable
audit trail.


Our decentralized distribution will
compete with Amazon and Walmart’s
reach, leveraging unused garage
space in a way that is similar to what
Airbnb does for house sharing.


Delivery Network to match local
delivery at the last mile with Uber-like
capabilities for anyone to deliver
goods, by the decentralization of
e-commerce by turning every garage
into a distribution center.


Integrated backoffice e-commerce
processing technology with our
Snapforce CRM’s Prodigy Edition, the
latest in CRM intelligence. (Completed


Direct-to-Consumer Technology that
enables individuals to band together
and unlock bulk- pricing deals, thus
creating economies of scale. The
expanded buying power draws similar
advantages as Costco or Alibaba.


Real-time Logistics Features that
enable Manufacturers, Businesses and
Consumers to have seamless access
to real-time data, thus optimizing the
dropshipping costs.


Access to hundreds of brand names
for sale through e-commerce
storefronts. Provided by Buying.com’s
internal operations of
Dropshipper.com (Completed

What is the $Buy Token?

BUY is a Algorand blockchain token and the underlying utility token of the Buying.com platform.

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Buying.com aims at decentralizing e-commerce operations in the following ways:

→ Group Buying: Buyers in the Buying.com ecosystem can form buying groups to increase volume of purchases thereby creating bulk purchasing power and driving down costs.

→ Hyperlocal Micro-Fulfillment: Just as anyone is allowed to convert their spare space into rentable space on AirBnB, any participant in Buying.com can now become a fulfillment partner by turning their spare garage space into a hyperlocal micro-fulfillment center. In addition, any person with a valid driver’s license and a good track record can qualify to do deliveries in the network.


The Buying.com system runs on the Algorand blockchain. This blockchain is known for its speed, fair consensus algorithms and scalability. The BUY token is developed as an Algorand Standard Asset, or ASA. To further facilitate trading on a Decentralized Exchange (DEX), a wrapped version of the token called WBUY has been developed that runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

The primary use case of the token is to help promote the BUY token is to encourage customer loyalty through the issuance of tokens as a reward for fulfillment orders placed. These rewards can be redeemed for goods and services purchased within the network. The blockchain is currently used to store rewards transactions in the form of immutable records.

Prime Protocol Value Proposition

Today’s E-commerce System faces many challenges.
Buying.com’s Protocol aims to solve them.

See exactly how


Consumers and businesses want to receive discounts on large-purchase pricing. However, fulfillment for the number of MOQ purchases is more expensive than most individual consumers can afford.

WeBuy* – Our Prime Protocol feature leverages the purchasing power of millions of consumers and small businesses. WeBuy* will hit MOQ levels of retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, or liquidators to offer the best possible pricing on products. Each individual will receive the best pricing by combining their purchasing power with other people interested in buying the same products.

Chargebacks are a multi-billion dollar per year commerce problem costing retailers billions.

Utilizing Buying.com’s Prime-Protect technology, transactions will be escrowed until customers receive goods and are satisfied with their cleared purchase. Funds release cleanly without any chargebacks to retailers.

Centralized warehousing limits the flow of products, increases the costs involved with shipping product, and increases the price to end consumers.

iStore* by leveraging latent space in warehouses, garages, and storefronts, individuals can become a part of Buying.com’s decentralized distribution network. Much like AirBnB turned houses and spare rooms into hotels, we plan on turning latent spaces into hyperlocal distribution points. The individuals that leverage their space will earn revenue by becoming a distribution node. This model can help smaller manufacturers of products without mass distribution scale more efficiently. If they choose to list their inventory on Buying.com, they will join a preexisting network of national products and have access to a hyperlocal distribution point within neighborhoods

Hyperlocal last mile delivery to consumers.

Much like Uber transformed ride sharing, our network of drivers and distributors form our hyperlocal distribution points. These distribution points help our ecosystem serve end consumers in the last-mile execution. We will do it faster and cheaper.

Retailers and e-commerce entrepreneurs are at a deficit of data, logistics, reach, and infrastructure to compete with many of today’s big e-commerce players. They are unable to keep up with the industry growth, and many sellers face mounting problems in trying to maintain or scale.

Buying.com’s Genesis* data tier will allow all retailers, e-commerce players, distributors, wholesalers, or peer-to-peer networks to upload their inventory. The asking price, condition, and description of every item in Genesis will be known. This information will be geo-fenced so that it is unique to each user’s location.

E-commerce delivery and speed.

E-commerce-on-Demand* combining Genesis* and our own IDeliver* infrastructure, many of today’s FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) will be ordered off the Buying.com app and delivered to a consumer’s door within 2hrs. This fast-moving delivery system will empower all e-commerce and retail players to not only compete, but in many cases, exceed other giants in the industry that have distinct advantages. Our advantages will be disruptive and transformative in the e-commerce sector.

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Our Solution

Buying.com is poised to be a major player in the e-commerce space by disrupting the status quo, bringing about efficiencies in the ecosystem, benefiting both the supply and demand sides of the equation. By utilizing a state of the art distributed ledger technology (blockchain) Buying.com opens new asymmetric advantages and efficiencies which were not available in earlier generation platforms.

Groundbreaking solutions

We plan to do this through the following innovations:

We are decentralizing e-commerce by turning every garage into a distribution center. In addition to distribution centers run by Buying.com, now anyone can become a node on the Buying.com network by staking tokens and leveraging existing storage in their garage to become a microdistribution center. This solves the last mile logistics issue that has plagued e-commerce for the longest time. It is similar to how Airbnb turns every spare room in a home to a hotel room, or how Uber leverages excess driving capacity to turn every automobile into a taxi.

Enables consumers to receive direct from manufacturer pricing through bulk order quotes unlocked by achieving the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

Leverages blockchain solutions to deliver real-time logistics data, provides transparent, smart, contract-enforced, audit trails, integrates PROXEUS, & protects users with data encryption such as the SHA-protocol that will keep information secured. Manufacturers, Businesses and Consumers will have seamless access to real-time shipping data to optimize dropshipping costs provided by a permissionless, public blockchain.

Utilizes its own cryptocurrency as a token which is used for transactions on our system.

We combine the best of blockchains to offer customers a digital ledger that offers a fraud-proof solution and auto-verifies transactions, leaving behind a transparent, immutable audit trail.