CEO Gabriel Speaks about Token Launch

Jan 25,2021
I am very excited about Raghu taking the frontline position for the design and structure of the new BUY Algorand token . We have spent the last 2 years building the platform continuously even thru these unforeseen times with the pandemic and elections. The companies technology is completed with the programming team headed by Utkarsh Khare and lead technical director Bhupinder Singh with a team of highly skilled designers and admins to lead thru this next phase. At this point we want the token to be in the hands of the best crypto scientists in the world which is why I choose Raghu & Netobjex with a Algorand structure with speeds of 100 x of Ethereum. We will continue to run the company’s main operations and lead its growth for 2021. As startups mature - structure usually changes and you need to be able to change with the times and Buying has done a lot change in directions to find the successful road that it is now on. None of us could of expected a 2020 year that we just had and these directional changes in the operations was critical to be successful. I also want to let all our token holders know that the original token amount was 1 billion tokens, then we were forced in 2019 to do a 20x split to meet the guidelines of Open Finance, which those guidelines reduced the token volume to fifty million. Now that the token will be launching onto decentralized exchanges the token will be redistributed back to 1 billion. This split that occurred management and I were always against but we were forced to meet these regulations based on the SEC.  It has been a true honor to have all of you as token holders and part of our token family, and the confidence that you bestowed upon the entire working team and myself will always be valued in our hearts. Bringing Buying to where it is now has been one of the greatest challenges in my life.  It is now time to start the launch process and complete its final stages.  Jeanmarie Gabriel Founder CEO.
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