Gabriel Ceo of BUYING Approved For Algorand

Mar 01,2021 is happy to announce that the BUY Token is completed and is now compliant with all Algorand regulations. Under the design and supervision of Raghu Bala CEO of Netobjex and a team of 14 highly skilled crypto programmers, the BUY token is now ready to be added to your wallets as an ASSET. This is one of the final stages of the token launch. We have attached a video for instructions along with a detailed informational guideline to assist all token holders. The BUY token must be added to your Algorand Wallet as an ASSET Once that is done the BUY token in the next 10 days will be pushed into all Token Holders Wallets who have purchased tokens during the raise and who have completed their new registration. If you are a token holder who has purchased tokens you may still create your new vault account 1: Please go to 2: Go to the bottom of the website and click on Buy Token. 3: Go to the second line and recreate your account and have your Algorand Wallet address ready to be entered.  The date for Work Tokens has expired for the Swap. No further exchanges will be accepted. Work Tokens and Marketing Tokens that were reregistered will be pushed 90 days after launch for the protection of the token holders that have paid with WIRE – CRYPTO – and CHECK. The exact date of the Token Platform Launch will be released shortly to all token holders. This will give all token holders enough time to create their accounts on the trading platform. Many of you have asked if the tokens can be stored in cold storage for a period of time to give the token a chance to mature. That can be done and instructions for a cold storage nano wallet will be published shortly on telegram. We understand that this has been a long 2-year road and we are happy that we are in the final stretch with all the obstacles that we faced with the pandemic. I want to personally thank all of you again for your confidence in the team and the Netobjex group. Please stay safe. Jeanmarie Gabriel CEO  Raghu Bala CEO Netobjex
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