Algorand Token Update by Raghu Bala
- All development work completed.
- Approach to create Algorand wallet in is concluded.
- Once the wallet is setup, the Matrix system will start receiving the data and issue tokens accordingly.


Completed the final sprint for in JIRA today morning. With this all the development from NetObjex side is complete. We have the below pending items for integration once the Algorand wallet is setup at portal.

Below are the activities to be completed to close the project:

  • Build Algorand Wallet in to consume the tokens issued by NetObjex for each restaurant - Developers to confirm when they'll complete it. 
  • to send the Wallet address (WA) as part of their restaurant data push - Placeholder to receive the Wallet Address is all set in NetObjex system. Once we receive the WA, tokens will be issued against it for each restaurant accordingly. 


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