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The Power Is Endless.

The Purchasing Power Of Millions In The Palm Of Your Hands. Prime Block Chain Protocol enables social group buying with minimum order qty
pricing allowing direct to consumer shipments from manufactures suppliers
and wholesalers delivered directly to consumers doorsteps


On-Demand Delivery System

The reliable and powerful On-Demand Delivery System is designed with your business in mind! Schedule a driver, track your orders, reduce your delivery costs, and drive orders to your business. In addition to 24/7 live support, our platform provides complete tracking and monitoring of drivers with live feeds and three-way communication for every order. Delivery has never been easier.
This all-in-one order management platform handles all your pickup and delivery needs. Every order is tracked the instant a guest begins to place an order all the way through the delivery stage.

Focus on what you do best: making delicious meals for hungry diners.
We’ll handle the rest.

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Date :06/13/2021
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Date :06/13/2021
Sany L 293023

Date :06/13/2021
Patrick N 9342322

Date :06/13/2021
Buying/Door Dash 394-0

Date :06/13/2021
Uber Eats Ext

Date :06/13/2021
Jennele R

Date :06/13/2021
Carl KEE 02321

Date :06/13/2021
Kimmy G 898343

Date :06/13/2021
Tuker G 0923323

Date :06/13/2021
Sperdes 203912321

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Great Benefits

Eliminate Driver Issues

With’s on-demand delivery system, the headaches that come with delivery drivers will become a thing of the past. No longer will you have to worry about missing or unreliable drivers. You now will have unlimited drivers right in the palm of your hand.

Cut Labor Expenses

Save money on payroll taxes, get rid of insurance and liability issues, and eliminate the confusion over the tax classification of your drivers. You will no longer have to worry about paying for drivers to sit around doing nothing on slow days or not enough help during your busiest nights.

Expand Your Customer Base

With our drivers, you will be able to double your delivery range, which means a great increase in your customer base! provides all your customers’ contact information, allowing you to market directly to your clientele. Go from a one-time customer to a regular in no time!

Save On Every Delivery

Save 50% on every delivery. You will be able to take orders right over the phone and not have to worry about paying third-party marketing fees. Instant cash in the bank by processing it yourself with a press of a button for a driver. Now you can say YES we deliver.

How It Works

Providing A Competitive Edge In The Delivery Sector.

Now you have a tool that provides you an advantage over the competition, giving you the opportunity to deliver within 15 minutes. When you receive an order, all you have to say is, “Yes, we deliver!” Just press a button on the On-Demand Delivery System and the driver is on the way. Normal orders or catering orders from one mile to one hundred miles, the power is there for you.

Increase Delivery Distance Increase Customer Base. provides you double the driving range, doubling the customer base that will see your business, leading to double the sales. When you double the area of the circle that customers can see your business and you double the orders and sales daily.

Remarket To Your Customers For Daily Offers & Specials.

With, we provide you all the contact information of your customers providing you a remarketing ability to your customer base -- a priceless feature in today's economy. Send them discounts, coupons, special offers, all while eliminating big commission fees. Now your customers deal directly with you which puts the money in your pocket.

One System That Provides A Driver In The Palm of Your Hand

Our system will combine all the software you’re currently using into one central control center. The On-Demand Delivery System tracks and monitors drivers, provides two-way communication with the driver, and offers SMS communication for the customer from the driver. We have live admins monitoring every delivery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The tools that will let you exceed all expectations.

Increase Sales

Provide an on-demand delivery system for your customers

Better Controls

Track and communicate with your drivers throughout the delivery

Larger Territories

Increase the delivery platform to 10 miles on all your third-party systems

Remarket Customers provides all your customer contact information for marketing purposes

A Delivery Partner
that is there
for your customers’ needs. offers a turn-key solution for companies looking to start, grow or outsource their last-mile delivery service. From e-commerce integration for collecting and managing orders to driver management to friendly customer notifications and delivery tracking,’s ODDS enables world-class local delivery, route by route.

The future growth of your business is now unlimited with partnering with with its 99.98% delivery rate. Mount Arlington Center
400 Valley Road Mt Arlington NJ 888-6-BUYING services are available in all 50 states for all your delivery needs. All businesses and consumers now have the power of a driver in the palm of their hands.

Customer Service 24/7 for all your delivery needs. 3-way communication between the driver, the restaurant, and our admins.

With the ODDS, you now have the ability to order any food from any establishment anywhere in the country delivered right to your door in 30 minutes.

Our Team

Jean Gabriel

Founder Entrepreneur

Mr. Raghu Bala

Lead Block Chain Designer.

Lead Block Chain Designer. Mr. Raghu Bala was previously an executive with Yahoo, Infospace, PwC, and with 3 successful startup. He also teaches MIT Sloan School of Business/Computer Science and AI Laboratory’s course on the Implications of Artificial Intelligence on Business, as well is a Tutor for MIT’s Blockchain course. Mr. Bala was winner of 2016 Best Abstract in Best Wearable Medical Device category at the AI in Medicine conference, and in 1993 winner of the Best Thesis Award on Temporal Databases at the Hartford Graduate Center Conference. He holds an MBA in Finance from Wharton MBA, an MS in Computer Science from RPI, has been a Columbia University Adjunct Lecturer, published author (Microsoft Press, Macmillan) and speaker at several major conferences including IoT Congress, Google IO, and more.

Utkarsh Khare

Chief Technology Officer

Joseph Riviello

Chief Operating Officer

Evelyn Garcia

National Director Of Operations

Sam Bourgi

Senior Advisor, Chief Editor

Lauren Soto

East Coast Director Of Driver Administration

Ericka Guilbe

West Coast Director Of Driver Administration

Abhinav Sinha

Product Head (Mobile Apps, AWS & Scripts)

Bhupinder Singh

Technical Lead (Web & APIs)

Diksha Dekate

Sr. Software Developer (Web)

Shikha Mahaldawan

Project Co-ordinator & Quality Lead

Seema Sherry

Art & creative Director

Vince Tullo

Senior Advisor - Stephens Institute

Robert V. Cornish Jr.

Of Counsel - Robert Cornish ESQ.

Von E Sanborn

Senior Legal Counsel -Day Pitney

Joseph Doren

Senior Accountant

Roger Gottilla

Senior Legal Counsel - Wilson Elser

Vinay Kumar

Senior Consultant

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